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Asian Mineral Resources Co., Ltd. was established in 1984 with promotional support from the Board of Investment of Thailand. The key business activities are the mining and processing of industrial minerals. The company has established mineral deposits supplying barytes, talc, dolomite and calcium carbonate. In turn the company processes these various minerals at the main factory complex in Saraburi province, north of Bangkok.


Minerals Asia Co., Ltd mainly focuses it’s activities on supplying the Thailand domestic market for the range of minerals, including oil drilling grades of barite.

BNC Asia is producing API  barite from an excellent location at Songkhla in southern Thailand which is where the majority of oil & gas companies are conducting exploration activities in the Gulf of Thailand.

Resources Asia Co., Ltd is focused on the marketing of talc powders to the domestic body grade, personal care, plastics, rubber thread and paint industries. Some grades of talc are processed in the JV plant in Pakistan and also the Saraburi,Thailand plant.


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